IPCNC Scholarship and Awards

IPCNC has a number of scholarships and awards for education. Some of them are listed below or you can talk to your regional representative to discover some of these educational opportunities.

IPCNC Educational Awards

IPC practitioners who have been an IPCNC member for 2 years are able to apply for a scholarship towards education and professional development. Applications close twice a year, last day of April and last day of August.

IPCNC Conference BD awards

Two Becton Dickinson grants are awarded to successful members who present at the IPCNC national conference: Best Oral Presentation Best New Oral Presenter Conditions for entry apply - Related links below

IPCNC conference Best Poster award

The IPCNC Conference Poster Award is awarded to the IPCNC member(s) who submits the best poster at the conference.


BD Awards

Poster Award

Travel and Education Scholarship Application Form