Committee Member

Jessy Shaji



I have been working with IPC for nearly 3 years now and I enjoy this role as it gives me opportunities to learn about processes that I previously would not have been exposed to, for example outbreak management. Previous to my current role I worked in older people’s health and specialised acute stroke and rehab for over 10 years. Both areas have unique and challenging components.

Currently in the world of IPC I am involved in the SSII programme for Orthopaedic services collecting, reviewing, and auditing data and investigating any infections. I am also involved with blood stream infections where I review and investigate Staph Aureus related to PIVC in patients admitted. I provide teaching sessions on IV care/aseptic technique/koawatea to the ward staff.

I am an authorised vaccinator since November 2022 wherein I am giving vaccinations to the ADHB staff. I enjoy learning new things, as learning never ceases and I work with colleagues who share their knowledge and experience which is bonus and a great help.

On a personal level my interests are music and spending time with my family. I have 3 children- two girls and one boy. My eldest is a registered Nurse.

I look forward to expanding and develop my knowledge in IPC and to be a part of a wider and broader overview of IPC in New Zealand and share my learning’s.

Jessy Shaji