The Controller Editor

Ann-Maree Wagg


m. 021 442 662

Hi I’m Anne-Maree, a wife, a mother, and nurse. I entered the nursing profession 30ish years ago. I liked how nursing was about working together, working as a team. I have worked in a variety of areas throughout my career but found my niche in theatre. I am currently employed as a perioperative nurse in a private health care facility, that specialises in plastics, cosmetic and vascular surgery. I thoroughly enjoy working in the Plastic surgery specialty as the operations undertaken are as diverse and varied as the people we meet.

Health and Safety was my passion, yet IPC found me a few years ago!!

I joined the IPCNC committee in 2019 and I’m enjoying being able to work with fellow passionate nurses and being able to make a difference. I love the fact that I am assisting to transfer information to others while educating myself at the same time

Ann-Maree Wagg